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I have a copy of "Ready for the House" I bought in about '93 or '94. The matrix number is "LH 17623." I sadly no longer have the old, typed catalog I had from Corwood at about that same time that listed that 1000 album deal. I always thought that was really weird at the time, but especially at that time, it didn't seem a whole lot weirder than anything else about Jandek!




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> On 13/05/2011 05:57, Jason Henn wrote:
> > Who would have possibly had the foresight to hoard that many
> > copies of the early Jandek albums?
> This is an interesting point - and maybe, *if* somebody had paid for a repress 
> (that they therefore own outright), would they hoard them, or would they sell 
> them or give them away? When I was buying up all the Jandek vinyl on ebay a good 
> few years ago (I had some money at the time), certain albums seemed to turn up 
> again and again, and go for low average prices (20GBP sometimes):  Somebody in 
> The Snow, Lost Cause, Twelfth Apostle, the later vinyl; whereas early-to-mid 
> albums went for much more (and I was beaten in various auctions cos prices got 
> way too high), and seemed much less common. Which made me wonder whether there 
> were more copies in circulation of these later releases.
> No way to really confirm this (popsike has archived sales listings with quite 
> variable prices), pricing thing was a general observation at the time rather 
> than any rule of thumb. My understanding (on the basis of accumulated Jandek 
> lore) was that Ready For The House was 1000-copy pressing, and all the later 
> albums were 300, but I have no immediate corroboration for this information.
> But, *if* repressed, and *if* the albums were recut rather than just 
> manufactured from the same plates (two hypotheticals there, but a plausible 
> supposition in the light of the CD rerelease revisions and variations), the 
> hand-etched matrix number would have some differences...which, in this alternate 
> timeline, would then mean trying to compare/collate runouts amongst owners of 
> different copies of the same album...
>  > Which prompts the question, if
> > you ordered 1000 copies of Ready for the House in 1993, would that have forced
> > Corwood to create an alternate back cover crediting the album to Jandek?
> I would say almost certainly - and as such a thing doesn't appear to exist, it's 
> probably safe to assume that at least Ready For The House was not repressed 
> under these terms. However, the copy I have was still shrinksealed, but *seemed* 
> much 'newer' than later similarly-sealed purchases - different label font as 
> well, thinner card, more flexible vinyl, very quiet cut, but presumably the same 
> pressing plant due to the matrix ID with the LH- prefix (up to You Walk Alone, 
> when it changed to AIH-, and except Twelfth Apostle, which was LIH-)...I've 
> never seen or heard another copy up close to compare, but I took it on trust as 
> an original because I assumed there was never a repress. Hmmm...
> > Of all
> > the time machine moments I've had as a record collector, this is probably the
> > most intense retro-desire I have ever felt.
> I'm glad someone else has time-travel record collector fantasies!
> Sorry for going on; thinking out loud.
> Gavin
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