[Jandek] Corwood's 1000 Minimum Order

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Seeing those 1000 minimum order titles always made me laugh a bit. However, I'm 
inclined to believe that nobody ever took it upon themselves to place that kind 
of extreme order until Corwood reissued the titles on cd himself. However the 
recent vinyl reissue of Ready For the House does indeed credit the album to 
Jandek, so you could buy that and dream...

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I just searched the archive and couldn't find any mention of this, so my 
apologies if this has already been covered. I just picked up an old radio 
station copy of Twelfth Apostle, and it still had the circa '93 Corwood 
discography inside, the oldest I've seen. I don't remember hearing about this 
crazy wholesale offer for the titles from Ready for the House through Blue 
Corpse--1000 copy minimum order, $2500. Does anyone on the list know someone who 
actually did that? Who would have possibly had the foresight to hoard that many 
copies of the early Jandek albums? Has anyone ever asked Corwood if they filled 
one of these orders? I assume that means that Corwood was out of individual 
copies at the time, but if you really, really wanted a copy of 739 through 753, 
you could pay to have an entire run re-pressed. Which prompts the question, if 
you ordered 1000 copies of Ready for the House in 1993, would that have forced 
Corwood to create an alternate back cover crediting the album to Jandek? Of all 
the time machine moments I've had as a record collector, this is probably the 
most intense retro-desire I have ever felt. 
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