[Jandek] A Documentary has been made about me!

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Sat May 7 15:03:48 PDT 2011

Great documentary.
I recently purchased a dozen albums from Naythen. Unfortunately I've only had the opportunity to listen to a couple of them, ("Today, and Welcome or The Illuminated Hill" and "This Is I Never Returned"). Both are very interesting records. I'm not using interesting as a euphemism here, they are musically fascinating albums. I really like them a lot. There's a strong Jandek influence, but the records don't come off as Jandek rip-offs (they sound more structured for one thing). 
I suggest to everyone here that they should contact Naythen and check his music out. His catalog his huge so I just sent him a set amount of money and let him select most of the records for me.
If you're into Jandek I can't see how you wouldn't like this music, (at least what I've heard of it).
Jesus Kenievel

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Subject: [Jandek] A Documentary has been made about me!

I just thought I would give people the heads up.  Director Andrew Downs made a 15 minute
interview/documentary short about me and my music.  It came out pretty damn cool

Please check it out when you get the chance.

here is a link.


I hope you guys dig it.
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