[Jandek] Jandek Irvine show on DIME torrent tracker??

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Thu Jan 13 07:18:48 PST 2011

This is really uncool. Yes, these shows are recorded to be released. I don't
know if Corwood has a specific policy, and I don't think he minds "lo-fi"
You-Tube stuff (I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he knows they're on
there) as it's good publicity, but the full show is too much. I know when I
did the Denver show (thought that's now been a few years!) that there was a
strict no-recording rule that someone, naturally, broke (there's more to
that story, actually, but that's for another time, probably another YEAR
when we get closer to Denver's potential release). Again, I don't think he's
naive to what's up, but he doesn't like it, still yet, and he really
wouldn't like the entire shows being posted, I feel confident in saying

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:13 PM, J. Free <j.free at sonicarchives.com> wrote:

>  I was kind of surprised to see the recent Irvine show on the DIME
> bit-torrent tracker this morning. I'm not on DIME myself, but one of my
> business partners is, and posted a question there about taking money out of
> the artist's pocket.
> I guess getting the show seems like good news for some folks, but am I
> missing something here? I was under the impression that Corwood intends to
> eventually release all of the live performances - has this been changed? Are
> they no longer posting those notices that state no audio / photos allowed,
> because Jandek was recording the shows himself?
> My friend contacted the admins of that torrent tracker, and they refused to
> remove the show, because Jandek hasn't contacted them personally, I guess.
> Their argument is that when artists claim they will release their own shows,
> it doesn't always happen, so they feel justified in allowing it to be shared
> for free through their site.
> Is there an officially stated policy here somewhere?
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