[Jandek] TO DANEN AND NICKOLAI ( I Hope I Spelled That Correctly)

Nate Wilson visioninapark at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 2 12:20:15 PST 2011

I eventually would love to have a very detailed song by song analysis ofthe entire Jandek catalog posted online, but I have not had the approval to do it.  In matters relating to the music of Jandek, or Sterling's ideas through music and artI like to get his O.K.
As for the comparisons, I do have A SHIT TON of notes taken and would love to havethe time to whittle through it all, but I don't.  It might be easier to get Corwood's permission to postthe old LP files online and let people take the adventure themselves... I don't know.
If I had more time, than I definitely would.  My friend and fellow mailinglister Brad have been discussingat great length the comparisons between CD and LP... maybe we could collaborate and put something out there.

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