Joel Swafford JSwafford at tntech.edu
Wed Feb 2 15:49:25 PST 2011

I'm working on tracking down the records as we speak... the differences I've heard so far include what Nate said about Later On being more intimate (it fits nicely with current acoustic albums such as Myth, Not Hunting For Meaning etc...), on Staring At The Cellophane, the sound is also more clear and it sounds like a tape recorder shuts off after about every song also extra lyrics in Sand I... As with Follow Your Footsteps, On the Way, and a couple on The Rocks Crumble and You Walk Alone; several songs have a little extra in the beginning... Also in the vinyl version of The Rocks Crumble on Message to the Clerk Part 2 the line "Behind a gun I look..." is included just as its sibling from On The Way... the cd Rocks omits this line.

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