[Jandek] Record recommendations for the road?

GB nocontact at arkhonia.co.uk
Tue Feb 1 07:48:40 PST 2011

 > Georgia East included the lyric "Talk about Negroes"...but this lyric was
 > removed when Nine Thirty was released on CD.

 > I don't know exactly how it was done. It seems to me like Corwood just edited
 > the master to remove that section of the song

It's a nice clean edit, you can hear a comparison between the vinyl and CD 
versions here:


I think that it *was* 'socially responsible' to make the edit, for fear of 
possible misinterpretation, but have always understood the context being 
smalltalk with a stranger in an unfamiliar place, and local mannerism (sounds 
like 'nigras' I think), observation rather than anything else.

Twelfth Apostle and Graven Image both sound like they were written and recorded 
on the road, or at least by the side of the road, as cars can be heard passing 
on both, and lyrics 'Looking at the map again/Where am I now, let’s see' (Solid 
Stone, Twelfth Apostle) and 'I drive, I don’t know where I’m driving' (Remain 
the Same, Graven Image)...to me anyway.


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