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That's right, it's one of many changes (most of them admittedly subtle)
between vinyl and CD. There are some pretty radical changes on "Follow Your
Footsteps", actually, as "Eddie" (the second guitarist) throws down some
Frank Zappa quotes that Mr. Industries apparently did not know were Frank
Zappa quotes when he originally released the album. For the CD master, he
drops the lyrics. I doubt this was done so much for legal reasons (though
that could be) as much as that he wants his material ("House of the Rising
Sun" somewhat excepted, but only somewhat) to be all original. There are
also some changes in how the music is spaced on several albums, but is most
noticeable on "Ready for the House" and "Blue Corpse" for my money. No
lyrics are cut, but several musical sections are either slightly longer or
slightly shorter. Again, nothing to rush on to EBay for (unless you've got
the extra $ and want to, of course), but it's there. Long ago and far away
somebody once noted the differences. Mostly this was done as the LPs were
changed into CDs, so you could find that back at the end of the 90s if you
went trolling through the archives. My hope, honestly, was that the Jackpot
LPs would return to the mastering of the originals, if only to provide a bit
of difference, but this is not the case. They are the perfectly wonderful CD
masterings. So be it.

As for my take on Jandek road music, I'd grab "Glasgow Friday". Something
about "Walking Blues" just screams DRIVE to me, and the relative shortness
of the album makes for a quick fix on a nice hour long ride (such as the one
I have to work every day). "Camber Sands" IS a nice choice as well -
honestly, anything featuring the original trio in their "rock" mode fits the
bill. Such a tragedy that we're missing a set!

On a related note, I went through a Jimi Hendrix Experience phase recently
(ever so often, I just REALLY need that late 60s psychedelic blues in my
life) and noted the interplay similarities between Hendrix's original band
and Corwood's Allmighty Power Trio. I know he's an old Cream fan, but the
bass and drum work reminded me more of the Mitch Mitchell/Noel Redding
bluesy tradeoffs than the Jack Bruce/Ginger Baker ones. There's even a
similarity in how the Rep pushes his electric into that edgy area, although
the notes are WAY different than anything Hendrix plays. Sort of a distant
cousins kinda relation, I guess, but there's a mutual love for the blues
there mixing in with an equivilent desire to try something new. Just

Finally, if you all didn't check out Nate Wilson's Jandek tribute tracks you
should - I've had fun with those in the last few weeks as well. He may be
the only person I know of gutsy enough to make a re-recording of a Jandek
voice-only track and KEEP IT acapella. There's something to be said for
On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Erik Jones <erik.jones47 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  I don't know exactly how it was done. It seems to me like Corwood just
> edited the master to remove that section of the song (i.e. not just the
> vocals...I don't think it was multi-tracked so it probably wasn't possible
> to remove just the vocals). But that's just what I think...I don't know for
> sure.
> On Jan 31, 2011, at 7:38 AM, restlessboy at gmail.com wrote:
>   How exactly was it removed, out of interest?
> On 31 Jan 2011, at 07:03, Erik Jones <erik.jones47 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   This might have been mentioned before on the mailing list, but here's an
> interesting piece of trivia about Nine Thirty:
> On the original LP, the song Georgia East included the lyric "Talk about
> Negroes"...but this lyric was removed when Nine Thirty was released on CD.
> The rep wrote that the reason for removing it was "social responsibility".
> Pretty cool.
> On Jan 30, 2011, at 12:05 PM, < <Michael.Goldman at CH2M.com>
> Michael.Goldman at CH2M.com> wrote:
>   Definitely "Nine Thirty"  Most of the lyrics refer to travel and motion
> and two of the songs refer to the region you're headed to.
> *Georgia East* (2/1)
> I shouldn’t feel so sad
> It was all I had
> I should be glad
> Coming into Atlanta
> Big wheels turning
> Talk about negroes
> Talk about the fruit
> Georgia peaches
> Scuttlin’s
> Pecans shaking from the trees
> You people sure are strange to a city boy from up north
> **
> *May 3* (2/2)
> If you want a friend in South Carolina look up Charleston (?)
> Wish I never have to leave Charleston
> May 3rd
> We go back very much the same as how we came
> Goodbye palm trees
> Brown water seas
> Savannah
> Goodbye pretty town
> Three hundred years old
> Charleston
> Michael Goldman
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>    Howdy Group
>        Although I'm relatively new to Jandek, as of late it's become a
> ritual of mine to acquire a new (for me) Jandek record before going out
> of town. My last few fixes were a little iffy in comparison to my
> surroundings, so I'd like to ask if anyone could recommend a decent Jandek
> record for the road... I'll be heading down to Savannah, Ga next month, if
> that's any help.
> Thank you kindly
> Caleb
> P.S. A couple I've taken into consideration include *Nine- Thirty *and *Camber
> Sands Sunday *.
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