[Jandek] Oberlin show report

daeve ross backbaconrecords at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 08:43:09 PDT 2011

It was hot as all get out inside the 'Sco, to the degree that it was somewhat difficult to concentrate on the excellent performances. The Rep was on vocals and 5 string bass as well as adding some great harmonica at one point. Robert Turman and Aaron Dilloway alternated between lo-fi electronics and guitars. Peter B switched off between trombone and tuba. I'm not aware of the drummer's name unfortunately. 

Most of the tunes were drone-based, the horns providing the basslines while the Rep's highly distorted bass acted more like a rhythm guitar. He used a wide variety of right hand techniques from picking to plucking to rhythmically striking the strings. There were surprisingly long instrumental sections and the Rep seemed to be digging the jams, frequently leaning back into rocker stance as he abused his axe.

The overall sound was fairly subdued for most of the night, the last number got a little more frenzied and added some needed contrasts and dynamics.

Killer show, I really hope this one gets released on disc as it would be quite a unique item in the Jandek discography.

I also got the exciting news that the Rep will be doing a rare solo show in Cleveland come August. I can't wait to check that one out!


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