[Jandek] Ticket information for Oberlin show

Patrick Borgen patrickborgen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 15:13:01 PDT 2011


Matt Love was nice enough to respond to my email about advanced ticket
information for the 4/10 show, and he suggested I spread the knowledge. I
don't have a facebook, and didn't know this event had 200 confirmed guests.
better act fast.

Here was his message to me:

"Hi Patrick

Here you are (attached below).  The tickets just went on sale on the 4th,
but there are 200 people on facebook that say they are going, so it's
probably good to do it today if you can (don't know how big the venue is).
if you call after 5, you get a message that says you can buy tickets if you
leave your credit card #, other vitals, speak slowly, yadda yadda yadda -
better to call during regular hours I think. you can't do this by email,
only phone

They will hold the ticket for you at the door.

After you do this, why not post the information to the list?  I would, but
since you approached me individually, you should have time to get the first
shot at it

Please call us noon to 5pm Mon thru Friday to order via phone.
Barb at Central Ticket Service"
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