[Jandek] Jandek bootlegger

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Probably best just to ignore it Amy - there's no telling some folk


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I've been contacted, but I ignored it. This individual also offered unreleased "unreleased audio and video" of Frank Zappa and Harry Partch. I ignored it. Think I should explicitly reply I'm not interested?


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Hi guys
Has anyone else on the list been contacted by someone asking for DVD-R's of Jandek's official live DVDs in exchange for "unreleased audio and video"?
I told him that "Jandek's music has been produced, pressed and sold directly through Corwood Industries for more than thirty years - you can get details of up-to-date prices etc here - http://www.corwoodindustries.com " but he seemed not to take the hint first time round so I made it a bit clearer next time he contacted me.
Hope no-one's being taken in and keeping a united front...

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