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derekface milhouse481 at aol.com
Fri Oct 8 14:46:13 PDT 2010

P wrote:
> Forwarded Message: Re: [Jandek] Re: wfmu Jandek auction
>   Re: [Jandek] Re: wfmu Jandek auction
> "I think the answer to all your questions is that Chusid is kind of an 
> asshole."
> Couldn't have said it better myself. Total lack of respect for artist. 
> Selling
> records, that he paid to ship out to the guy? He didn't even listen to them?

I'm struggling for a way not to be rude and vulgar, but with patience at 
a minimum I'll just say get the fuck outta here with this nonsense. How 
do you figure Chusid somehow owes it to Jandek to send these CDs back? 
Do you think the Rep would really care either way? This isn't any more 
"disrespectful" than any other music writer, reviewer etc. who would 
sell off CDs given to him or her for that purpose. I really don't care 
what level of "respect" Chusid has for Jandek, if any. I myself have 
pretty much no respect for this bullshit line of thinking.

> At least now someone who appreciates the
> music will have them

Then you ultimately have nothing to complain about.

> to bad their signed/or afffiliated with Chusid

And who really gives two shits?


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