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Alex Koenig rabid_anti_dentite at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 8 13:29:23 PDT 2010


While I have to say, Chusid's other chapters in his book are pretty wothwhile, 
his Jandek chapter borders on mean spirited. He seems to get letters from the 
rep that seem to express some genuine fondness for helping spread the early word 
on the Corwood catalog and yet Chusid never backs down from casting the rep as 
some kind of psycho. And his reference to the story about the origin of the 
title "So Fly Max" coming from someone from a Guided by Voices message board 
seems really out of character for corwood and totally unsubstantiated. He seems 
more focused on making him an eerie character than actually describing his work.

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