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Limewire Music Blog covering the wfmu Jandek auction -- I hadn't noticed the 
auction includes the rep'shand addressed mailers! -- with a note from Chusid in 
the comments: "...He has never written an unkind word to me, and I have always 
expressed admiration for his persistence and determination. He has a dogged 
disregard for my critical opinion, and that elevates my esteem..." 

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same opinion as Stephen, thanks for saying that .... 
I live in Switzerland, far away from the action,
without the Chusid-Book i never would have discovered the sensitive sound on 
all best

Am 07.10.2010 um 18:38 schrieb Stephen Jackson:

Maybe I need to reread the Jandek portion of Chusid's book, but I don't 
understand why you are all offended by this. Without Chusid, I would have never 
heard of Jandek and subsequently I would have never written a term paper on the 
artist in college. (I had a very hip American music prof who had once 
corresponded with Corwood and who I got to see the rep. with live in chapel 

>Who cares that Irwin isn't a fan of the music? Does that make him any less 
>important to the dissemination of Jandek? No, absolutely not. WFMU is an 
>important radio station for fans and artists of independent and non-mainstream 
>artists, a la Jandek, so any support of them should be praised. While these CDs 
>have little value to Chusid, he recognizes they are valuable to others. Chusid 
>is forever tied to Jandek, whether you like it or not. And this collection is a 
>piece of Corwood history, probably even more so due to their falling out. 
>I think what you're all losing sight of is that he could have just as easily 
>thrown all of this into the garbage. It's absurd that people are peeved about 
>his lack of sentimentality about these things, ESPECIALLY when it comes to an 
>artist as polarizing as Jandek. Jandek records are either cherished or trashed; 
>listeners of Jandek are not ambivalent. 
>So, for Churid to recognize their value to this community -- and to benefit a 
>good cause (a point which is almost irrelevant in this context) -- he should be 
>commended. When cleaning out a basement it's much simpler to put things at the 
>curb than it is to put them online for others to benefit, value, and enjoy. 
>On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Jesus Knievel <knievelperu at hotmail.com> wrote:
>I think the answer to all your questions is that Chusid is kind of an asshole.
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>>On 2010-10-07, at 4:56 AM, Ross Morris <rossmorris1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>>In my humble opinion I think this shows a staggering disrespect for the 
>>man.  Corwood sends Chusid 52 CDs and he happily admits in public that he 
>>couldn't even be bothered listening to them or even opening them?  In postage 
>>alone that's going to be a small fortune.  It all adds up.
>>>Why not just tell the guy you're not really interested anymore?  Or even better 
>>>- why not send them back to him rather than selling them online? 
>>>I realise and appreciate that a bit of Jandek's fame comes from his book's 
>>>(very) questionable portrayal of him, but I find it distasteful that someone 
>>>else's effort could be exploited in this way, regardless of how good a cause 
>>>this is for.
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