[Jandek] Re: wfmu Jandek auction

Ross Morris rossmorris1 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 7 01:56:20 PDT 2010

In my humble opinion I think this shows a staggering disrespect for the man.  Corwood sends Chusid 52 CDs and he happily admits in public that he couldn't even be bothered listening to them or even opening them?  In postage alone that's going to be a small fortune.  It all adds up.
Why not just tell the guy you're not really interested anymore?  Or even better - why not send them back to him rather than selling them online? 
I realise and appreciate that a bit of Jandek's fame comes from his book's (very) questionable portrayal of him, but I find it distasteful that someone else's effort could be exploited in this way, regardless of how good a cause this is for.

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