[Jandek] re. the wfmu auction

nicolem at yorku.ca nicolem at yorku.ca
Wed Oct 6 11:13:50 PDT 2010

So is this final nail in the coffin of the corpse that was outsider music then
or one more of WFMU's fundraisers? A bit of both maybe? I'm hoping at least for
the former. Chusid has been trying to shake the outsider thing for a while but
we all know he has a beef with Jandek anyhow, officially declaring at one point
his radio shows (which he still hosts on WFMU--just not the "Incorrect
Music"-(read outisder music) show) to be Jandek-free. Not sure though--does
this mean WFMU is also declaring itself Jandek-free?

Perhaps it's more of a gesture of good riddance considering he (Chusid) is still
being harangued (reporters from Ottawa to be certain--I know this for a fact) by
those interested in Jandek.

A way to wash one's hands of something (the whole Key of Z thing) and make a
little cash for the station I guess, but staggering nonetheless.

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