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Greetings, all! This is my first post on th' forum, and it will be a quick
one. I was at the Davis show (my goodness...I was dumbstruck. Even being
familiar with the rep's tunes, I felt ill prepared. So
beautiful/harsh/interesting/captivating) without a camera. Are there any
photos up anywhere you guys could point me to? I would love some shots from
the show.



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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Jandek on KDVS (Nadav Carmel)
>   2. Impressions of Davis Friday (Nikolai Sadikogli)
>   3. Davis Friday (Brandon May)
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> From: Nadav Carmel <nadav.carmel at gmail.com>
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> Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 10:57:32 -0800
> Subject: [Jandek] Jandek on KDVS
> Hi,
> I'm a former DJ at KDVS, and just wanna confirm:
> KDVS will indeed be broadcasting a solo acoustic set this Thursday
> (11/18) on the 'Live In Studio A' program from 11pm-12am PST.
> You can listen live at 90.3fm in the Central Valley, or stream it live
> at kdvs.org. Unfortunately it doesn't look like past LISA shows are
> archived on KDVS's website, so someone might wanna audiohijack or
> straight up tape it.
> The concert was pretty epic. You can see video of the first two songs
> at http://www.youtube.com/user/bcfaulkner, though it doesn't do
> justice to just how cool the stage lighting actually looked. Hopefully
> more photos will surface soon.
> Nadav
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> From: Nikolai Sadikogli <ilfuturiste at hotmail.com>
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> Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:39:35 -0500
> Subject: [Jandek] Impressions of Davis Friday
> The venue was pleasant and conservative, lit with the same dramatic
> reddish-blue lighting that was used in the San Francisco show in 2008. The
> instruments included a minimized drum kit and various percussion, several
> guitars, a banjo, upright bass, and the Representative’s dual keyboards.
> There seemed to be 2 cameras filming, one in front of the stage and another
> by the soundboard in the rear.
> The concert was reminiscent of the suites that have been released, with an
> instrumental prelude and postlude. Again read from a notebook, the lyrics
> were relatively sparse, and included references to some of the usual
> sentiments: “now you’re gone, all gone.” One interesting line: “I shake my
> head at no and say yes.” The delivery included a mixture of singing and
> spoken recitation.
> The Representative also used a variety of keyboard sounds for the different
> pieces, including swooping electronic drones, regular piano, something
> reminiscent of a gamelan, and even some repetitive rhythmic loops. The
> back-up players kept it interesting with occasional jazzy bass picking,
> bowed banjo, and the varied percussion.
> The overall mood was relaxed, with a stretched out feel. It was very
> atmospheric and conducive to closing the eyes (a sentiment echoed by other
> audience members). However, there was also intentional piercing feedback and
> overpowering bass drones on occasion.
> I’m looking forward to the radio broadcast on Thursday. In case this wasn’t
> posted yet, here is a stream of the 2009 WNYU show:
> http://wnyu.org/2009-09-09_newafternoonshow
> Nikolai Sadik-Ogli
> ilfuturiste at hotmail.com
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> From: Brandon May <scratchbomber at hotmail.com>
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> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 10:16:42 +0000
> Subject: [Jandek] Davis Friday
>  The disaster amnesiac blog is right on. This is more general stuff not
> mentioned on the blog. The Veteran's Memorial Hall is a great venue, more of
> an academic theatre with stadium seating than a club where everyone has to
> stand up, packed together like sardines.  It's somewhat fitting that they
> played this venue because it is located in the suburbs of Davis next to a
> middle or high school and suburban houses surrounding the rest of it.  There
> was even another event going on in another part of the building with senior
> citizens, probably veterans.  It looks like it didn't sell out, 2/3s of the
> seats were filled, probably around 150-200 people there.  They played around
> 10 songs, give or take, for almost 2 hours!!  The 1st and last song were
> instrumental.  All of the rest of the songs featured Jandek singing except
> for maybe 1 or 2.  Jandek played keys(korg triton and yamaha) the whole
> time.  The percussionist mixed it up with a small drum kit, a bongo or
> djembe, and various other percussion instruments.  The bass player played
> upright electric bass, at times with a bow and other times without.  He had
> an electric bass behind him too.  I thought he was going to switch out the
> upright bass for the other bass but he never did.  The guitar player played
> an electric banjo(!!) on the 1st and last songs, making things very cyclical
> soundwise.  The rest of the time he alternated his electric guitars, I swear
> it seemed like every song he changed guitars.
> I would say the theme of the night was "Now You're Gone".   This line was
> repeated in at least 2 or 3 and maybe even 4 songs.   All of his
> lyrics/poetry consisted of someone very important leaving and then being
> left with yourself.  Some of his lyrics were hard to make out at times
> because of random noise the other players would make, but they told a story
> of one person leaving another person, and the other person not knowing what
> to do or who to be since this person left.  One song had Jandek singing Who
> can I be?  I guess I got to be myself. There's no one else to be.  Another
> had him realize that this person would always be there even though they
> left.  Now you are here forever.  "I've captured your essence."  The rest of
> the time he just didn't know what to do.  The guitar playing alternated
> between bluesy to rock riffs to brutal noise.  The next to last song , he
> threw his guitar on the ground, breaking part of it off, but still making
> noise from it.  Kurt Cobain would be proud!  And oh my god, the percussion!
>  Some songs it was just the drum kit or the bongo/djembe, and others had it
> all.  I honestly hope Corwood puts this one out soon because the lyrics were
> so great but I couldn't make out a bunch of them and was too in awe of the
> playing to remember much else.  10 out of 10.  Another Corwood classic!
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