[Jandek] Worthless Recluse

Brendan Stewart brendankifostewart at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 05:09:23 PST 2010

>> And as a side question, (this was probably discussed when the albums  
>> were first released, but I'll ask anyway) Put My Dream on this Planet's  
>> track titled "It's Your House contains the line "Ready for the House"  
>> has this made us wonder whether that recording and possibly all of the  
>> spoken word discs predate all other recordings or in the very least  
>> predate corwood's release history? The audio quality seems to be some  
>> of the most basic, so it's always made me wonder.

	I've played around with the idea that, considering these albums being in  
the break period from his 'musical' music, and the sudden jump in quality  
on his next release (I threw you away, I think?), that these recordings  
were mainly opportunistic. It seems possible that he just didn't have the  
equipment to record anymore, so he decided to use a telephone and an  
answering machine instead, obviously that wouldn't allow for any  
instruments to be recording anywhere near practically, so he just did some  
voice albums instead.

His delivery on these albums is incredible, though, I agree with you guys.  
Besides the subject material and recording quality (which helps, I think),  
his voice is much more musical than it was or has been since. He really  
lets loose in some parts. Makes me think he was either really drunk, or  
just listening to gospel or something.

These albums also give me the strongest vibe that we're (or I'm) spying on  
him, as if he was having a phone call with someone in the next room and we  
just happen to overhear, so the tension is just amazing.

p.s. on 'I need your life', around 14 minutes, he says something about  
wanting the chinese (Presumably the entire race), which really cements the  
whole humor/pain/funny/weird feel of these albums, which he emphasizes  
quite often, that make them so unique.

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