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James Holloway jwholloway at mac.com
Fri Mar 5 08:18:23 PST 2010

Speaking personally I have no problem downloading via torrent stuff by people who've sold a gazillion albums (eg, Zeppelin, which is how I got a great collection of boots, likewise Dylan or people like that). Jandek, though -- I'd feel sort of wrong about it, ya know?I don't think he NEEDS my money to keep from living in a refrigerator box, but it's how I can best say Thanks and I appreciate all the crazy, weird, beautiful things you're doing.  To each his own , though, I I have a well-formulated philosphical position. 

James Holloway
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On Friday, March 05, 2010, at 03:38AM, "brendan stewart" <brendankifostewart at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi. This is my first post on this mailing list, glad to be on it! I
>had searched the archives a little, I couldn't see if this was
>discussed before or not, sorry if it has been brought up recently.
>I've been wondering about this for a while, and thought that this
>mailing list would be the proper place to bring this up. I was
>wondering what some of the opinions on file sharing/torrenting Jandek
>was. By file sharing/torrenting, I mean things like limewire, torrent
>sites, megaupload, any sort of sharing for free.
> I can see how this would be viewed as a negative thing (and can't say
>I don't agree with that conclusion, to be honest). Not to make too
>heavy an assumption, I picture Corwood :at best: breaking even on this
>whole Jandek thing. I also picture them not doing it for fame, or
>money, or women or anything else like that. Obviously, he also loses
>control of how the music is distributed, whether it result in the
>cover art not being shared with the albums, or in not knowing how many
>records are out there, or anything of that nature.
>At the same time, there are some positive things about it. Besides the
>music being more widely available, it may help certain albums from
>getting 'lost forever', as has happened to many, many artists (I
>believe there is a boards of canada cassette that is completely gone
>from the face of the planet, not that I'd miss it...), and, in my
>opinion most importantly, there are lossless copies of all of him
>albums, mostly ripped from vinyl (when available), which not only
>helps the not vanishing thing, but could also (wishful thinking) give
>Corwood access to completely lossless copies of all the music, in the
>case of something horrible happening.
>Honestly, I'm split. I'm not going to pretend I never torrented any of
>his music (only did it in the past, when I first got into Jandek), but
>I have recently considered sending payment for the albums I downloaded
>to Corwood as a sentiment, so I don't know how to feel really. Anyone
>have any opinions on this?
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