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I was hoping that going back and removing the questionable content would lead to us getting back to the main purpose of this board: discussing the music and the mystery of Jandek. The collective points that you've made have more than swayed me to realize that I was missing half the picture: I was trying to show that Jandek is just a person at the end of the day with an address and a phone number just like you and I and that as tempting and exotic as the myth is, it does become silly when thought about.What I was missing was that, as well, he was a person, and that if anybody contacted him as a result of my posting his information, it'd be different then them doing the work and sourcing them out himself. I apologize for prioritizing my writing over his privacy.
Just like you, I love the music: I have turned on plenty of friends and acquaintances to the man and have found a much more enthusiastic response to the music than I personally expected. I have the 61 CDs, the 9 DVDs, and am eagerly awaiting Corwood 0800 like the rest of you. I was so adamant on defending myself that it didn't register that I was wrong until too many of you got angry... I'm going to continue reviewing the Corwood catalogue on my site, and while I can't promise that you'll like the tone of the writing or necessarily see eye to eye on me with the subjective opinions I form about the music, I'm eager to hopefully point out a detail that nobody really gave too much thought about before, or point out a lyric that stands significantly. I want to be able to use the list for the same reason the rest of you guys do: I want to talk about this wonderful music with the few other people in the world that can appreciate it. 
P.S. Nate Wilson, your videos on Youtube were a lot of the inspiration behind my fascination with Jandek: I figured that if one person could appreciate this initially impenetrable work so much, there was something more to it than what I could hear on initial listening: I'm especially sorry that I pissed you off. 		 	   		  
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