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I don't post to this list too terribly often but I always keep up with reading it, and I figured I'd weigh in on this scenario as well, albeit more from a philosophical perspective:

I think, for one, that whether or not your own interests in Jandek lean this way, myself and lots of others I know are really not interested in the "demystification" of the man, his work, or any other details he doesn't choose to hand out himself. This is not to say I'm of the mindset that the "myth" of Jandek is greater than the music - quite to the contrary, my band released a 9-song covers CD just last year - but there is just something very artistically pure about what the man is doing, and I personally would rather not have that interrupted by "go getters" who are probably just out for the who/what/when/where/how's. 

To sum up my point - posting the man's private contact information is pretty lame, and in my opinion it's just as lame to post the entire correspondence as well. I think there was a big discussion about this very thing on the list before (correspondence and whether or not it should be posted online) and I think that showing what Corwood wrote you is missing the whole point. Think about it, you're participating in a postal mail correspondence with someone. It's assumed that since this is the chosen medium of communication (and the only one at that) between Corwood and the outside world, as opposed to something more public, such as a forum, or a mailing list like this one, that whatever information is exchanged between Corwood and yourself is personal, and to a degree a confidence. 

I'm sure you're probably of the opinion that people like me just shouldn't read it, but it's really more about...why would you do this anyway? What does someone like you have to gain from posting all that information on the web? The sad answer is proven in my response to it: probably just attention.


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