[Jandek] Article bagging Jandek

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 One thing that reading this article did for me was make me appreciate the depth and breadth of musical and emotional variation in Jandek's work.  "The Cell" evokes real sadness; "White Box Requiem" makes you feel real nausea with the fear of mortality, and "Real Wild" and that Houston funk stuff really make you smile and jump around like an idiot.  There's no need to respond to this writer, though his "opposite view" is strongly written and well-considered.  No matter his words-Jandek's music stands on its own as so-called "real" or "good music."    

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Subject: [Jandek] Article bagging Jandek

Has anyone on this list seen this?


Once again, Jandek fans stand accused of being pretentious and being into Jandek for the sake of showing off...sigh. You can leave comments on the article so I invite everyone to go on record and say why they love the man's music. Personally, as far as I'm concerned, I just like the music...I don't care about hipster politics. I'm sure the same is true for everyone on this list:)


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