[Jandek] Article bagging Jandek

David Johnston-Smith davidmjs at googlemail.com
Wed May 6 02:37:17 PDT 2009

It will just turn into a 'he's fab' 'no, he's not, he's crap' argument
any minute now...just you watch.  Best to just look on and smile
benignly.  We know the score.....


2009/5/6 Feigin Boris <railfan93111 at hotmail.com>:
> Has anyone on this list seen this?
> http://www.gloriousnoise.com/articles/2009/the_end_of_it_all_acknowledgin.php
> Once again, Jandek fans stand accused of being pretentious and being into
> Jandek for the sake of showing off...sigh. You can leave comments on the
> article so I invite everyone to go on record and say why they love the man's
> music. Personally, as far as I'm concerned, I just like the music...I don't
> care about hipster politics. I'm sure the same is true for everyone on this
> list:)
> Cheers,
> Boris
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