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In response to Jason, I was at the Helsinki show that night and the crowd was indeed very annoying. At first everyone was quiet and paying attention, but I figure that the techno crowd quickly got bored seeing as it was such a quiet piece (the Avanto festival is very much electronica-oriented and that night, Jandek was followed by none other than Alvo Noto!!) It all started with a few bottles rattling across the floor and soon enough the crowd had forgotten there was a show on stage and began chatting louder and louder to the point of smothering the sound. It's as if we were in a crowded bar. Incredibly frustrating for all the Jandek fans who were there that night.
The following day I actually got to meet Jandek at a museum (I was there for an interview for a film project). He was there with a promoter and happened to sit right next to me and my cameraman in the crowded cafeteria so I got to eavesdrop on their conversation. He started talking about the show and how he thought it was a failure because of the crowd's reaction. We quickly jumped in to say that we enjoyed the concert and that we agreed about the crowd not being very respectful. He also mentioned he was worried about the crowd noise on the recording, but said some sound technician would be able to tone it down as much as possible. I haven't listened to the recording yet, but can't wait to hear it all over again to relive that night (which was quite special - me being thousands of miles away from home, watching one of my favorite artist's up on stage, pretty magical regardless of the disturbance). I also got to see him in Montreal two years later and THAT my friend, is going to be one kick ass record once it's available!
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This brings to mind the idea that Jandek is as much about the audience as the performer. Here, the audience is almost a "third instrument," something blurring the landscape, and influencing the music by pushing Corwood to play louder. 

I was thinking the same thing. On first listen, I was so annoyed with the background noise, imagining myself in the audience cringing and wishing everybody would shut up. On second listen, though, I heard it as an interesting piece of the texture of the performance. I wonder if Corwood was annoyed with the recording or just accepted it as a document of the evening, for better or worse. 

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