[Jandek] International charges.

Thierry Bissonnette thierry.bissonnette.1 at ulaval.ca
Sun Jul 19 12:37:45 PDT 2009

Use IMO (international money orders) as I did, via Canada Post. You can make it
in US currency with minimal fees, as opposed to cheques, and Corwood had no
problem to cash it.


Selon nicole marchesseau <nmarchesseau at hotmail.com>, 18.07.2009:

> >From Canada here as well...
> I've added one dollar per item. So, 20 CDs (singles, no doubles or box sets)
> would be 100 USD.  I reckon this is to help cover the costs for shipping and
> it's understandable as the shipping cost on my last set of 20 was 26 bucks
> USD. But yes, I have assumed that this $1 was intended both before and after
> the 50% discount.
> Probably a good thing that you're ordering them en-masse.  I figured out that
> each single, in the end, was about $20 CAD, because of the exchange fees the
> banks deduct from cheques being written in USD from Canadian banks.  $20
> going to Corwood would be another story but the majority of  it going to
> banks raises the eyebrows a little.
> meh.
> Happy listening!
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> Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 01:41:19 -0400
> Subject: [Jandek] International charges.
> I've managed to deduce that the representative likes it best when money
> orders are made out to American dollars, and this is doable for me, but my
> real question is in terms of the following line in the new Corwood catalogue:
> 'international orders add $1.00 per item'
> I'm curious if this additional one dollar per item is pre or post the 50%
> discount in a box of 20 items. I'm in Canada, and I'm assuming that Corwood
> considers this to be an international sale (as it would be), so I'm planning
> on jumping in and ordering the entire Corwood catalogue on CD because I, for
> whatever reason, enjoy listening to the music of Jandek [I have Interstellar
> Discussion on right now :)], however, if the discount is before the
> additional funds are added, that's a difference of $29.50USD. Seeing as the
> catalogue on its own is $250 USD for an American citizen [(54*4) + (4*6) +
> 1x10], the nature of the discount makes a difference. Do you add one dollar
> for each item that you add? Do you add one dollar to the price of the item
> before you add the discount (making a single disc 4.50 . a double disc 6.50
> and the box set 10.50)... either way, I want to make sure what exactly I
> should be paying before I send Corwood my cash.
> Can anyone shed light on this enigma? Thanks.
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