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>From Canada here as well...

I've added one dollar per item. So, 20 CDs (singles, no doubles or box sets) would be 100 USD.  I reckon this is to help cover the costs for shipping and it's understandable as the shipping cost on my last set of 20 was 26 bucks USD. But yes, I have assumed that this $1 was intended both before and after the 50% discount.

Probably a good thing that you're ordering them en-masse.  I figured out that each single, in the end, was about $20 CAD, because of the exchange fees the banks deduct from cheques being written in USD from Canadian banks.  $20 going to Corwood would be another story but the majority of  it going to banks raises the eyebrows a little.   


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Subject: [Jandek] International charges.

I've managed to deduce that the representative likes it best when money orders are made out to American dollars, and this is doable for me, but my real question is in terms of the following line in the new Corwood catalogue:
'international orders add $1.00 per item'
I'm curious if this additional one dollar per item is pre or post the 50% discount in a box of 20 items. I'm in Canada, and I'm assuming that Corwood considers this to be an international sale (as it would be), so I'm planning on jumping in and ordering the entire Corwood catalogue on CD because I, for whatever reason, enjoy listening to the music of Jandek [I have Interstellar Discussion on right now :)], however, if the discount is before the additional funds are added, that's a difference of $29.50USD. Seeing as the catalogue on its own is $250 USD for an American citizen [(54*4) + (4*6) + 1x10], the nature of the discount makes a difference. Do you add one dollar for each item that you add? Do you add one dollar to the price of the item before you add the discount (making a single disc 4.50 . a double disc 6.50 and the box set 10.50)... either way, I want to make sure what exactly I should be paying before I send Corwood my cash.

Can anyone shed light on this enigma? Thanks.

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