[Jandek] The History of the Units

Album Skies albumskies at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 20:52:42 PDT 2009

First off, while I'm not a list subscriber, I do enjoy reading the
archives from time to time...I figured I'd post this, cause I'd found
it interesting, particularly when considering the early name change to

I was browsing one of my favortite online music stores, and came
across a new release by....The Units!  An archival CD simply called
"The History of the Units."  I'm too lazy to do the research at the
moment, but I have a good feeling that this is the band that told the
rep he needed to change the name.  Anyway, check it out....the CD even
made record of the week!  It's currently on the front page:

Oh, and to introduce myself, the name's Mike, but you can call me albumskies.
Hope this is of interest to anybody here.

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