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Thu Feb 26 21:23:35 PST 2009

So I finally got so tired of waiting to hear about Chapel Hill that I went
and looked it up. Thankfully, there's a FABULOUS review on it from the same
Indy weekly/blogspot that offered an interesting, um, non-interview with
Janky (just look it up on the site) and more on John Darnielle's Jandek
thoughts than I thought attainable. But the real treat's the review, and
here it is:


Any more personal postings from the list would be appreciated.

Curious as to how many of you are going to New Orleans. I almost went to
that show, a simple drive from the Austin show, but bailed when the
Hurricane signs became too obvious. Now I'm a lot farther away and going to
see that wonderful theremin is impossible. But PLEASE post!

Oh, and I'm late in giving a review to a WONDERFUL set of Jandek covers that
I received a few weeks back. I was so excited to have it I wanted to share
right away, but life's like that - you don't always get time. Anyway, I'll
have more later, but please look into "Round the Bend: VCW Plays Jandek." It
can be found at www.installsound.net, and it takes a quite unique approach
to Jandek music - what if we took away the vocals, the lyrics, the persona,
and left the music. Then, what if we re-thought that music so the original
song is just a trace that comes and goes with the improv? More on that
thought later, but I'm spending more time with the album tonight and it
doesn't disappoint. At all. For the first time, to my knowledge, ever we
have two cover albums out simultaneously that are all Jandek songs by the
same artist. I haven't heard Nathan Wilson's (but I want to! What's the
ordering info, Nate?), but I've got this one and it's great. Check it out.
More specifics soon.

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