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mike fey srimad.bhagavatam at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 21:46:00 PST 2009

A few weeks ago my local record store got in about 15 used Jandek cd's. All
my Jandek stuff thus far has been the original vinyl LP's which I started
getting back in 1982. Of the one's the store got that I did not have on
vinyl already were 0762 through 0769. I grabbed all of them. A few days
after getting them I started to come down with the most ungodly illness I
have ever experienced in my life (still going on but getting a TINY bit
better since yesterday morning). Flu, a sore throat so painful as to reduce
me to tears at times, an ear infection, a intense cough, a cold, pink eye
and muscle and joint aches that at times were flat out debilitating.
Seriously: I have never been this sick, for this long, with something that
keeps morphing into something new every few days in my entire life.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend - which was one of the worst weekends since it
seemed like for 3 days I had everything hitting me full strength
simultaneously... as I was unable to actually eat any solid food (nor wanted
to) and basically had barely enough energy to get out of my recliner and go
to the bathroom and back, I decided to throw the Jandek discs into my cd
changer and listen to them back to back.

And I must say: never has Jandek made as much sense to me as listening to
him when I was not quite sure if I was dying or not. Seriously.
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