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It's occured to me that, sadly, there is something significant about this
date - it is the last recorded show of the original "Jandek Trio" (the final
Glasgow Thursday show was, sadly, a botched recording) to date, possibly
ever. Listened a couple of times tonight and decided to share. Here's the
notes from the first listen, unchanged: just written while listening.

1. PSYCHEDELIC! The "Glasgow Friday" set was started with a steaming
art-blues, but this one starts a bit more removed: lots of spacey guitars
and Young's bass is less like Jah Wobble and more...elastic? Neilson's drums
are more in keeping with earlier sets, and yet even here they seem to be
creating a space for Corwood's guitar and Young's bass to dance in. That
they do here, which sets itself up like the usual barn-burner that this trio
opened with, but which turns into something...else? seven and a half minutes
of instrumental wallop go by before Corwood intones "I got up/ you said
'hey' / I said  I couldn't sleep" and the song becomes even more Godz-like,
echoing something that sounds to me like insomnia, like that pain of a
sleepliess moring. "I'm only 22/ it's hard for me/ I have to be pragmatic."
Interesting, so we're in the past, apparently with a lover and figuring out
that life is going to be different.  "I put my clothes on/Im only 22/it's
hard for me/I have to be pragmatic"

2. Continuing in the psychedelic vein, but this time REAL spaced out, back
in that ghostly blues space with the guitar seeming to be projected in from
some distant dimension.and the drums the only connection to the physical.
Very terse vocals, tense in general as this set tends to be.

3. If possible, even MORE laid back than the last song, continuing the
"spacey blues" approach. Eastern sounding at times, with Young and Nielsen
holding back and letting the guitar move the song around. Lots of
instrumental accents, and a kick up after the last words

4. Now we're splintering! Faster, sputtering drums and guitar over langorous
bass that sets up a groove. The three instruments seem to be trying to tear
the song apart, to send it writhing in three different ways. Reminds me of
some of the artier sides of early Swans. Cool. This bass groove builds more
and more as we head towards vocals. Sets up the most no-wave song I've heard
yet, and includes INCREDIBLE vocals! Another alcohol-homage keeper, one for
the "immortal mixtape." Really can't say how awesome this is in words. Song
ultimately falls apart on itself. Perfect.

5. Suspension again, but less "dreamy" this time, a more "dry" sound. The
drums lay off and the vocals jump right in - WILD words here, reminds me of
some of the REALLY old lyrics. Yes, I think we can laugh, but it's quite
creepy as well.

6. A little more blues added to the same suspended structure as the last
song.Wait, this is Jandek's "You're so Vain!" Laughed out loud through much
of this one, though the later part of the song shifted a bit.

7. More art thrash. Again we're in solid no-wave territory, closest maybe to
some Mars tracks or, as I said, early Swans/Circus Mort or Birthday Party (I
could TOTALLY see Nick the Stripper singing this one). The guitar is brutal,
as is the drums. The bass continues, as it does throughout (save for "Hair
of the Dog") to anchor a bit but not get fully involved. Hey, you still
can't come to Jandek's party: "it's me and the panthers." Right. Yeah, this
is also like older lyrics,something off "Modern Dances" maybe. Lots of nifty
instrumental breaks.

8. An arty slow drifter with an especially neat guitar sound. Very
psychedelic again, throughout.Amazing drum responses.an interesting twist on
the Jandek/God/love relationship. Did God create us or we him? interesting
note to leave on - not nearly as comforting as some of the sets. Wonderful,
though. Don't miss this!

On the second listen through I transcribed the lyrics: (and PLEASE help
where you see errors, or can fix the few passages that I couldn't get at


I got up

You said hey

 I said I couldn’t sleep

I’m only 22

it’s hard for me

I have to be pragmatic

I put my clothes on

I’m only 22

it’s hard for me

I have to be pragmatic

The Crushed Image

I had often thought

of visiting the restaurant

where you worked

of wanting you

unbeknownst from a table

but I didn’t visit you

and I now you want to be with me

is it to say hello and goodbye

in the same instant?

as the eyes lower

because it’s not as good as expected

I don’t want to be let down

not that I care

I know how to leave everything

I just wanted to say be prepared

for a smashing close

to all the years we knew only sleep

in the shadows that dream these shadows

we can kill it all and go on living the soft refrain

of a crushed image dying on the vine

The Idea of You

It’s time to put together my thoughts and feelings

set my mind at ease with the idea of you

life’s journey will go on

but somehow it seems I’ll be in two places

with the idea of you

it’s a casual smile

I can sense at times

the mental picture I have

like a dream going through

I wouldn’t want it any other way

it’s the best that can be

a floating, shimmering recognition

that will always be there

the greatest love that I know

is not so practical

it consists of devotion

with the object, the idea

the real thing that I have

is the idea of you

The Hair of the Dog

The hair of the dog got me through the morning

and the night before

I got my goblet all full of wine

I think of quitting

but then I say

pour me another day (might not be “pour” sounds like “arrrrrrrgh”)

the hair of the dog

got me through the morning

and the night before

Yeah I got drunk, like I always do

I couldn’t stop drinking

were it not for you

Gone Waiting

I’m sorry but how could I have liked you

your dress is wrinkled

it doesn’t matter you took the train

all those miles just to see me

your dress was wrinkled, what a shame

how could I have liked you, arduously, all the same?

the pain that took

as you stood at the side

wait, I would’ve liked you

if your wrinkled dress

were pressed neatly

before you left

but I didn’t see the wrinkles, I didn’t see the dress

with you standing there uncertain and nervous

I’ll not know why

but it’s not up to me

I recreate the drama

just because I like to

it was funny and warm

your feelings when I saw you

The Rapture

You’re looking for more songs about you

you think you own them all

okay, okay, I’ve given some to God

sorry to leave you hoping

but it’s every night I come back again

vainly crying in the wind

where’s my beautiful girl

who couldn’t stay all the day

but if the day were full of you

I would not go wanting in the night

so the work of man continues long

just to find you waiting there

and when your arms are for me

all your desires will be set free

we will move the time of day

and whirl away into the night

but then again the captured time

lost in love, our arms entwined

and given that you didn’t know me

we don’t care what will be

the rapture where we find ourselves

is all we need, there’s no more

My Party

Goodbye everyone, I’m going to my party

and you aren’t there, it’s me and the panthers!

I got to flip the switch, turn the lights out on you

you gave me the green light and then you walked away

well stay, stay, stay so very far away

the culture was different, I was brewing up a storm

thanks for your love dear, that’s what you gave to me

I’ll take the adventure over anything else I know

but I see the empty vista and I knew from before

the glass got shattered, the metal was melted

just like we made our things (??? not totally sure on this one)

goodbye everyone, I’m going to my party

and you won’t be there, just me and the panthers

Stolen Powers

I love you, I love you

that won’t change

you know me, you see yourself

I’m over your …(no idea here) in your mirror

I’ll come to you through everyone you meet

I’ll be in the flowers

in the air that you breathe

I’m like God to you

it got to be that way

the spirit is elevated

you can lift yourself up

remember the depths where you were

all hurting in shambles

I came along and worshipped you

put you upon your pedestal

now you break heart and soul

and they discover who they are

you’re an angel in disguise

blessing all mortal beings

and you blessed me, too

but I made you also

and you have all these powers

stolen from me
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