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Subject: Re: [Jandek] Put My Dream On This Planet as a vinyl release
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My Rhino DMM re-release version of Initiation is decent sound quality, but yes, it's definitely quieter than your average vinyl.  Total time is listed as 32:11 on side 1, 36:00 on side 2.
Put My Dream On This Planet does have lots of silence between the audible parts, so I would imagine that a vinyl master craftsman could cut the grooves of the long silent bits a little closer together to conserve some space...
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> wrote:
>  As far as mass market produced vinyl there was always
> Todd Rundgrens mid 70's Initiation LP which was 70+
> minutes long
> That required a rather horrible compromise though.
> According to Wikipedia:
> The album is one of the longest single
> LPs
> of all time, totaling almost 68 minutes of playing time.
> Due to the
> length of "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire", the
> recording's dynamic range
> was compressed to fit the entire song onto one side of the
> vinyl. It
> was noted on the album's original inner sleeve that the
> sound needed to
> be compressed in order to fit the songs on the album and as
> a result,
> it could easily be damaged if played with a worn needle and
> the sound
> volume might be low. It was recommended that a person
> record the album
> to tape to preserve the sound. The CD version avoids this
> issue.
> I remember reading elsewhere that the track was sped up to
> fit the side and the listener was instructed to record it to
> reel to reel in order to slow it down to the correct speed.
> I don't know which is the case as I only have the CD,
> but it really wouldn't have hurt to lose 5 minutes...
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