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On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 6:03 AM, mike fey <srimad.bhagavatam at gmail.com>wrote:

>  As far as mass market produced vinyl there was always Todd Rundgrens mid
> 70's Initiation LP which was 70+ minutes long

That required a rather horrible compromise though. According to Wikipedia:

The album is one of the longest single LPs of all time, totaling almost 68
> minutes of playing time. Due to the length of "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire",
> the recording's dynamic range was compressed to fit the entire song onto one
> side of the vinyl. It was noted on the album's original inner sleeve that
> the sound needed to be compressed in order to fit the songs on the album and
> as a result, it could easily be damaged if played with a worn needle and the
> sound volume might be low. It was recommended that a person record the album
> to tape to preserve the sound. The CD version avoids this issue.

I remember reading elsewhere that the track was sped up to fit the side and
the listener was instructed to record it to reel to reel in order to slow it
down to the correct speed. I don't know which is the case as I only have the
CD, but it really wouldn't have hurt to lose 5 minutes...
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