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Tue Aug 4 03:25:12 PDT 2009

It's really interesting to read an account from someone unfamiliar with Jandek 
(cheers Brendan!), especially when they found the performance as stupefying as I 
did - the Derry show is the one I'm most looking forward to the official release 
of, I think that the recordings of these shows could really polarise opinion 
about Jandek. Again. Which is presumably how it should be.

As for Danen's comments about gig reviews (and cheers Danen!), with the small 
attendances on these dates, and at the shows generally, there are people who 
could never make it but (presumably) are as curious as I might be as to what 
happened, and, as so few of them get reviewed, there is the risk that they're 
not documented until the recordings and DVDs are released. The documentary 
evidence is often fantastic (such as the Glasgow Sunday 2005 DVD) or utterly 
frustrating (London Tuesday DVD, close to unwatchable alas), but I'm becoming 
more and more interested in how Jandek makes people *feel*, and sometimes that's 
the crucial experiential involvement that I miss when a gig goes past with 
little or no comment. Which was why I liked that Belfast live review: the 
reviewer's response was similar to my own, which, like Brendan's review, 
suggests to me that a response to Jandek involves trying to shut off all 
conscious and critical thought, just to see what might happen, and it's what 
does happen to the listener that is the interesting thing.

Ian Gray very kindly gave me photocopies of a few local press items, I'll get 
these scanned and uploaded later today.


Brendan Byrne wrote:
> I was one of the (only?)locals who went along to Sandinos not knowing 
> really what i was going to witness.
> I'd posted about the show on another site i'm a member of but met with 
> no takers,in fact nobody liked what they'd heard.
> Purchased an album or 2 from Volcanic Tongue prior to going as something 
> about him intrigued me but nothing prepared me for the show itself.
> I arrived upstairs just as they were starting(apologies to everyone i 
> missed)& sat at the back near the clown who got thumped.
> I have to say i've never been to a show like this & found the music 
> hypnotic to the point of almost nodding off at times near the end but i 
> really enjoyed it & sorry that i didn't get to any other shows due to 
> being in Scotland 'til the tuesday night.
> Look forward to getting the CDs when released as i've now started(like 
> everyone else here at some point?)to collect all the other albums.
> I'd love to think he'll be back but not sure if that'll ever happen.
> BTW i was the guy who gave 2 guys directions to Sandinos & their hotel 
> at the bus station that day if they're reading. 
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