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regarding the "explode on a girl line"...

"If I Waited Twenty Hours," from WHAT ELSE DOES THE TIME MEAN? features the line "Explode my love on you" (several times, howled). He also used the line in a song in a 2007 concert in San Francisco. I was surprised as I was under the impression that live songs are usually "new" and not album tracks. Not sure if the one I heard was "If I Waited..." or not. But... does he repeat songs from concert to concert? Does he play album tracks live? Are these three instances perhaps manifestations of the same song???

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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Manhattan Thursday (Jason Henn)
> I'm really glad someone else noticed the "I reject
> all boats" line. I think
> that was the culmination of a string of lines about being
> stranded in the
> water and not wanting to be saved, and he just got more and
> more adamant
> with each line. I really regret not writing down any of the
> lyrics this
> time, because they were so wild. He was really on a roll
> with this coffee
> house/beat poetry delivery (a little more speaky than his
> usual sing-speak)
> that was really accentuated by the sax runs. There was just
> this flow
> of non-sequitur stuff and funny wordplay. My second
> favorite line of the
> night was from, I think, the second song (after the guy
> jumped onstage) when
> he said in this really serious, kind of country voice,
> "Let's eat them damn
> clams!" Also, re: clams, that whole song was about
> vaginas, right? I'm too
> embarrassed to parse what I remember, but he went on and on
> in detail about
> clams and juices, and he also described
> "exploding" onto a girl. Am I off
> base, or did we just get the facts of life talk,
> Jandek-style?
> The most exciting non-clam lyrics were about a third of the
> way through when
> he sang something like, "It wasn't just you who
> could sing/Your sister was
> better than you." Not that exactly, but something
> close. Really sounded like
> it was being sung to Nancy and referring to the other
> "mid-period" female
> vocalist, or vice versa.
> Also, was it just me or was the crowd especially douchey at
> this show? Two
> very young-looking NYU dudes in black suits and eyeliner
> sat in the two
> seats to my right and did that thing where people act like,
> or maybe even
> actually think, that they're whispering when
> they're really just talking in
> a hoarse voice at normal or even louder than normal volume.
> As the rep took
> the stage they were whisper-shouting, "Omigod,
> It's Jandek!" and taking
> flash pictures with their iPhones. I noticed at least two
> other people just
> waltz up to the front and take flash photos, someone yelled
> something a few
> times from the back, that one guy jumped onstage and struck
> a sort of
> lounging on the beach pose for several songs.... Maybe they
> all saw the
> Houston footage and thought all the usual decorum was out
> the window.
> Speaking of which, I heard someone in Houston jumped
> onstage and laid on his
> back while someone else dumped tequila down his throat.
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