[Jandek] White Box

Ratan X ratanx at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 17:26:30 PDT 2008

jbswafford21 at tntech.edu wrote:
> I was listening to "White Box Requiem" earlier and I heard at the beginning of 
> Evening Sun through the head phones what sounded like a car or motorcycle take 
> off... Remember during the '85 interview with John Trubee, the Rep said that there 
> was a recording that had a motorcycle taking off in it? That would make "White 
> Box" older than '85... I wonder if this is it? Has anyone else heard anything like that 
> on any of the earlier albums?  Any thoughts or ideas? The unknown recording dates  
> drive me crazy with wonder...

Maybe. Or maybe he recorded the motorbike and later sampled it on WBR?

I like  the idea that WBR is from before '85, somehow. I don't know, the 
idea that he has tons of old tapes from way back when, and he releases them 
when he wants to is a cool idea to me.


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