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Hey 26, 
I only gave my opinion, and I did say that in the original message.  Please stop beating people over the head on the boards, would ya?  You're going to be the only person left the way yr going.

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why is there a need to get "pissy" over it?? It really isn't a big
deal, he used to refer to himself as his real name, and has
intentionally copyrighted a bunch of his works in his REAL NAME.

this is the library of congress record for ready of the house:

"1. Registration Number: SR-8-114
Title: Ready for the house / [performed by] aThe Units.
Imprint: Houston : Corwood 0739, c1978.
Description: 1 sound disc : 33 1/3 rpm, stereo. ; 12 in.
Claimant: Sterling Richard Smith
Created: 1978

Published: 31Aug78

Registered: 13Nov78

Author on (c) Application: "complete sound recording": Sterling
Contents: Naked in the afternoon.
First you think your fortunes lovely.

What can I say, what can I sing?

Show me the way, O Lord.

Know thy self.

They told me about you.

Cave in on you.

They told me I was a fool.

European jewel (incomplete)

Special Codes: 7/U

a bunch of other ones are at

so following your logic a letter to corwood is due for "exposing"
jandeks real name to a government database

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