[Jandek] JAWS OF MURMUR lyrics

26 nofxfonofx at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 04:44:31 PDT 2008

these took a while to transcribe and I had to use the itunes equalizer
but its worth it cause the words are fantastic!

Have us fly away
I will multiply
Listen to the song I sing
Talking about a bird of wing
Flies so peacefully in the dead of night
These things cause a murmur in the dead of night
The students call a great big phone
I listen first and turn around
Bird that flies as the bird of night
He flies so high when there is no light
He calls in the morning
He calls from the devil below
By the dark lord
I had a flock
He calls so
He calls so low
He calls in on a strut
He calls a rumor
He calls you in his sleep
He knows you and your kid
He knows you are not home
And he knows you will die for him
He knows you will follow him
He knows you will
He knows you will die for him
He spoke "when you are dead you will fly so high"
He flys so high at night
He goes anyhow
Listen to his father
Listen to his murmur
You gonna die

"To date, Jandek's released twenty-nine albums. That's the equivalent
of a tree falling in the forest- twenty nine times."
Irwin Chusid

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