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are there any shots of the crowd? i was sitting right by j-mans feet.
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 19:47:11 +0100
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Mesmerised by the DVD of Brooklyn Wednesday, which arrived this
morning. Not through it yet (almost finished disc 1), but very
impressed overall with the quality of the filming. Lovely shadows.
Watching the instrumentalists closeup has really helped me to get into this

performance. I like the CD of course but the DVD transforms
everything. Absolutely essential. At $16, it's cheaper than the boxset.
Had Glasgow Sunday 2005 for a while now and have listened to it
repeatedly. Intensely moved by the acapella sections on the first
track. Another essential album.
As always wish the release schedule would speed up. Can't wait for The
Duality of Self.

On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 4:55 PM, Craig Stewart <craig at sxsw.com> wrote:

I second that, everyone might not need every release but this was is
AbFab (at least for the first half hour I peeped last night).

I'm bummed I didn't get first dibs for a quick review and pitch,
similar to what Perez Hilton comment posters are obsessed with.
("First!!!") This is the worst day of my life. Thanks Danen. Revenge

awaits, perhaps a quick 1/2" shank.

On Oct 9, 2008, at 11:46 PM, Danen Jobe wrote:

> Just got it out of my mailbox late this evening. Another 2 disc DVD
> (duh), with sets one and two each having a disc. I watched the

> first three songs on disc one, each in a different camera view
> (there are 3 angles, obviously) and it's gorgeous. the shadows
> dance behind the musicians, though I'm disappointed that we don't

> get to see them take the stage, or the Rep put on his guitar (it
> starts with his back turned to the audience, and starts the show
> right away). The views are all similar: one gets a long view of the

> bassist and up close and personal with the Rep; the second is
> straight ahead; the last takes stage right and gets next to the
> bassist with a sideview of the Rep. Will watch it all this weekend,
> but it's a keeper. Only glanced at the catalog, and can't remember

> the pricing, but I'll let you know tomorrow. My copy, at least, has
> the words "2 Disc" in white on the black part of the case. Aspect
> ratio: 16:9. Cover, obviously, identitical. No surprises like the

> rehearsal tapes. Enjoy!
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