[Jandek] What's THIS All About?

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> Honestly, I don't think there's a connection, per se. This is a 53 year 
> old
> guy out of Houston (according to his MySpace, anyway) who apparently
> contacted Corwood regarding artistic matters and got back the cool letter
> posted on the website. A google search of Stain Free Media reveals an
> interview with "Eve of Destruction" scribe Barry McGuire

Eve of Destruction vocalist, the scribe was P.F. Sloan. I'm a big fan and 
have a lot of respect for him personally (How many other sixties legends 
send out free copies of the demos they're working on, just so the music gets 
heard?), but I wouldn't put that song in the upper part of his catalog. I 
understand why he has so much affection for it, though. 

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