[Jandek] RE: Please Help! I have 7 extra tix for the Gainesville show!

Jim Reed jim.r at connectsavannah.com
Wed Nov 26 13:14:57 PST 2008

Fellow Corwood enthusiasts,

A few years back, I was lucky enough to travel from Georgia to NYC for the
Representative's show which was recently immortalized on his "Manhattan
Tuesday" release. Although I spent my rent and water bill money for the
month to make the trip, it was an amazing experience and worth every penny.

As soon as I heard about this upcoming Monday's (Dec. 1st) Jandek concert at
the beautiful, restored Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville, Florida, I jumped
online and bought 4 pair of tickets, thinking I could either find 7 other
local Jandek fans, or possibly enthuse my non-Jandek-listening friends to
make the 4-hour drive and see the show with me.

Well, I'm sad to say I have not been able to find a single taker.

I only found two people who were even remotely interested, and neither of
them could make it due to previous engagements! I've finally given up hope
of finding anyone in my immediate vicinity who cares enough to buy a ticket
and make the journey.

I even put up a pair of tickets on eBay with a minimum bid of the face
value. Only 7 people in the whole world even looked at the listing, and none
of them bid.

So now, I've spent over $150 and am feeling like a bit of a fool.

I'm posting to the e-mail list in the hopes that there are some folks out
there who have been contemplating attending this show, but have not yet
bought their tickets, and would want to help me out by getting theirs from

I am not interested in making any sort of profit on these tickets. I just
need to make back what I spent on them, which, after the internet
"convenience fee" came to $19.50 each. I'm going to have to rent a car to
travel to the concert, so I really need to recoup my investment on these.

It's too late for me to mail these to anyone and know for sure that they'll
arrive in time for the show, but I plan on arriving at least an hour or two
early to the venue in hopes of getting a great seat (the place is general
admission, but it only holds 268 people, so all seats will be at the very
least good). I can therefore meet anyone who'd like to purchase one of these
tickets at the theater on the night of the show and simply hand you the
ticket in person.

Please feel free to contact me directly ASAP if you would like to grab one
of these seats, and we can easily figure out all the necessary arrangements.

Hopefully this offer will appeal to some of you nice folks out there!

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration. It means a great deal to me.

Jim Reed
reed_jim at hotmail.com

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