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I need to be studying up my Portuguese so that I can get around better in
Brazil when I go, but sadly, I don't speak much yet. I think that google
translation did a pretty good job, though.  Unfortunately, the text doesn't
address what is always one of the most interesting questions - "who is
playing with him on this gig?"

10 Jan 2009 - from 22:00 to 24:00 - AUDITORIO

National debut of which is "one of the most fascinating music of the
twentieth century" (and of today), and probably the man who led the
loneliness and isolation in the process of working on more extreme
throughout the known history of independent music . Hermit, composer of
songs of abandonment, and overcoming entropy, is edited by mysterious
Corwood Industries since the end of the 70s, and dozens of discs and nearly
30 years after starting his career, proved to be the first to the world
(without ever having given interviews, without ever having communicated with
the media in direct speech) in a concert in Glasgow in 2004, which was not
even listed.
Since then performs a fairly limited number of performances per year, so it
is a great pleasure to announce that Son Single Auditorium and the
Serralves, in co-production, will present a concert of the creator. The day
before the Jan. 9, is projected to the film "Jandek on Corwood: doucumentary
the film" (Chad Friedrichs, 2003), documentary about the career of the
artist at the time never sighted.

preceded by 09 days in view of the documentary "Jandek on Corwood: the
documentary film" of Chad Freidrichs 2003.


co-production of the Serralves Auditorium and only child.

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>  I found this site just searching the net.... A show to take place in
> January in Porto Portugal
> Anyone know how to get tickets.... I can't really read Portuguese.
> here is the link:
> http://www.serralves.pt/actividades/detalhes.php?id=1536&pai=2&tipo=futuras&showmenu=1
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