[Jandek] A Few Random Thoughts

tom bruny tombruny at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 20:00:10 PDT 2008

Had Joined the list several years ago,
after hearing the lp's that Seth posted 
that were out of print at the time, You Walk
Alone was the one that caught my ear
if i recall correctly , as these were not an 
option to order my interest faded i suppose,
although i printed out i think most of the lyrics,
and perhaps the discography, anyway FF
to whenever it was that the Glasgow gig
happened , my interest was renewed somewhat,
i did snap up the CD of that show at a
local shoppe , and didn't
really follow up with an order 
to Corwood , so May of 2008 
rolls around and i'm leafing through
the Ann Arbor Current guide and 
an item announcing an appearance
of JANDEK ! what a trip ! 
Cant miss it ! 
an amazing show ! really made
an impression on me ! 
so now i've placed my first ever
Corwood order , for Ready For The House
and You Walk Alone .
Also have the second tribute CD
on order , found it very cheap ,
Didn't recall that Makoto Kawabata
from Acid Mothers Temple was on it !

Enjoying reading the posts on this 
list , a bit interested in what Jandek
fans listen to other than Jandek.

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