[Jandek] Denver Info! This is Gonna Be Crazy

Shervin Fatehi fatehi at berkeley.edu
Tue May 27 09:04:05 PDT 2008

On May 26, 2008, at 9:16 PM, Albert Ayler wrote:
> So I did some digging and found some shit. Three musicians list the  
> Jandek show on their Myspace pages. Here's the musicians and the  
> links:
> Andrew Lindstrom (Death Metal drums!!! Guy plays like crazy. Can  
> really see this)
> http://www.myspace.com/lindstromandrew
> Temples (Sometimes Way Distorted Sonic-Youth-ish but pretty  
> sometimes guitars)
> http://www.myspace.com/templessound
> Married in Berdichev (??? This is CRAZY SHIT. I can't imagine how  
> this will work in a Jandek show)
> http://www.myspace.com/marriedinberdichev
> They all seem to play at the Rhinoceropolis, though I don't see how  
> the Married in Berdichev chick plays anything anywhere. The drummer  
> sounds awesome, though. This might be real weird.
> later.
> Al

Oh damn!! A Jandek psych noise show!? You guys in Colorado are as  
lucky as hell -- I know that I'd love to be able to see such a thing.  
Hell, I'd give my left eye-tooth if it weren't currently under  
renovation. Anybody else with me on this? Seth, I know I've seen you  
posting on Philip Best's blog...


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