[Jandek] Denver Info! This is Gonna Be Crazy

Albert Ayler albertayler at live.com
Mon May 26 21:16:17 PDT 2008

So I did some digging and found some shit. Three musicians list the Jandek show on their Myspace pages. Here's the musicians and the links:

Andrew Lindstrom (Death Metal drums!!! Guy plays like crazy. Can really see this)

Temples (Sometimes Way Distorted Sonic-Youth-ish but pretty sometimes guitars)

Married in Berdichev (??? This is CRAZY SHIT. I can't imagine how this will work in a Jandek show)

They all seem to play at the Rhinoceropolis, though I don't see how the Married in Berdichev chick plays anything anywhere. The drummer sounds awesome, though. This might be real weird.


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