[Jandek] Where are you buying your Corwood DVD's from?

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Fri May 16 10:07:49 PDT 2008

>>>>> "Yuval" == Yuval Legendtofski <legendtofski at gmail.com> writes:

 Yuval> Are you guys buying these directly from the Reps mail-order?
 Yuval> where can you find the latest catalogue? Has Seth posted it on
 Yuval> his site yet?

It was out of date for some time, but is now current:

The Philly show was a pleasure.  Kudos to Jason and the crew for
bringing it together.  I was kind of busy taking photographs (also a
pleasure) so I didn't pick up on the lyrics as much as usual.

Here's a more complete set of photos (I think I only posted a link to
one or two of these before):
One shot shows what the lyrics notebook looks like, but don't bother
zooming in to actually read it -- you can't.  You'll see a similar
notebook much more clearly on the Manhattan Tuesday rehearsal DVD.

This was the fourth show I've seen now with the rep on keyboards (two
piano, two synthesizer).  It was less monolithic than Glasgow Monday or
Manhattan Tuesday, with the rep varying his vocal style more and
experimenting a little more at the piano.  The other musicians weren't
as firmly placed in the background as Youngs & Neilson were for Glasgow
Monday, but not as up front as the rock style shows which tend to be
more interactive.  I'd say a similar balance between
rep-as-central-figure and Jandek-as-band was struck as for Manhattan
Tuesday and the Toronto show.  The audience wasn't huge, but was
dedicated: two hours in metal folding chairs listening to quiet and
contemplative music, without even the catharsis of applause between
movements, is asking a lot of a crowd, but hardly anyone left.

Glasgow Friday is great -- the first track is a scorcher.  Each of the
electric shows with Youngs & Nielson has been even better than the last.
I think this one might be the equal of the first half of Brooklyn
Wednesday (my other favorite guitar date so far).

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