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I'll third that, but I'll also honestly say that while the rehearsal is
interesting, especially to those of us who are fanatics, it doesn't
supersede the show itself, which is magnificent. What I LOVE about disc 2,
however, is that it's literally a "bonus disc" - the catalog has it listed
at the same price as the single disc DVD. This is effective, as it is of
most interest, again, to those of us who are curious as to how Corwood
works. But the show itself, I believe, may be captivating to those who
aren't as familiar with the music, or care that much how the rehearsal
process is spelled out. In other words, the DVD is a win-win situation.
Normally, I don't think I would recommend the DVD over the CD (I'm more of
an audio guy, hence my infatuation with music and all), but I think this one
sums up the whole of the concert, down to Loren Connor's exit due to a
tinnitus attack. This is interesting when compared to a touching moment in
the rehearsal when the Rep touches Connors on the shoulder. the two
obviously have a close relationship, and it adds a touch of drama to the
show, which is magnificent. Really worth having, and a bargain at the price.
I hope he "moves" some of these!

On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 12:04 PM, Lars Spurious <lars.spurious at gmail.com>

> I second Nate concerning Manhattan Tuesday DVD - this one is a must have!
> The whole gig in three different camera angles, of course - very fine in and
> of itself, but it also includes an hour long document of a Jandek rehersal.
> It begins in the middle of one movement of The Afternoon of Insensitivity
> (the second, I think) and runs through a few more movements. The Rep is
> filmed in extreme closeup, looking very thin. There's plenty of light - you
> can see everything. After each song, he makes a few comments, asking the
> others if they think the movement went okay, whether they could think of
> anything that could be done differently. There's a great closeup of his
> notebook. Neat handwriting. Words crammed on the page. He sings/speaks the
> same lyrics in rehersal as he does on the finished piece - very little, if
> any improvisation on the night, but the music sounds different. It's
> definitely quiker. Anyway, the Rep comes across as a normal fellow, he
> laughs, he's open to the others, self-deprecating but serious ... After
> about 45 mins, the rehersal stops, and you can see him in conversation with
> the other players. All in all, a real treat.
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