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Lars Spurious lars.spurious at gmail.com
Fri May 9 11:04:34 PDT 2008

I second Nate concerning Manhattan Tuesday DVD - this one is a must have!
The whole gig in three different camera angles, of course - very fine in and
of itself, but it also includes an hour long document of a Jandek rehersal.
It begins in the middle of one movement of The Afternoon of Insensitivity
(the second, I think) and runs through a few more movements. The Rep is
filmed in extreme closeup, looking very thin. There's plenty of light - you
can see everything. After each song, he makes a few comments, asking the
others if they think the movement went okay, whether they could think of
anything that could be done differently. There's a great closeup of his
notebook. Neat handwriting. Words crammed on the page. He sings/speaks the
same lyrics in rehersal as he does on the finished piece - very little, if
any improvisation on the night, but the music sounds different. It's
definitely quiker. Anyway, the Rep comes across as a normal fellow, he
laughs, he's open to the others, self-deprecating but serious ... After
about 45 mins, the rehersal stops, and you can see him in conversation with
the other players. All in all, a real treat.
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