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derek hanson kyanize at lycos.com
Fri May 9 20:05:17 PDT 2008

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Oh, please! You are definately NOT an artist. Not only do I personally think about what postage to pick for a specific personal letter or package, I know people who think about the postage they put on feakin' bills. And that has nothing to do with weed, dude.


derek (who guesses the jandek lps wouldn't be good for cleaning out stems because they aren't gatefolds.)




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Subject : [Jandek] i agree

Date : Wed, 7 May 2008 15:28:28 -0400

>From : "Brian Daniloski" 

To : jandek at mylist.net


i agree w/ matt. maybe you should stop smoking so much pot. or smoke more. 

something is definitely off if you think jandek or most people think twice 

about what type of postage they use. 

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