[Jandek] Answering a Recently Forgotten Thread . . .

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Sat Jun 7 14:39:23 PDT 2008

I listen to a lot of things, from Asha Bhosley to G. G. Allin.
Lately I've been listening to Sun Ra, Billy Joe Shaver, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker, and of course Jandek. 

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About a week ago, a very  astute poster asked the Mailing List what other music interests List members.  I forgot to answer it, myself, but I liked the question, so I thought I would answer, then reiteratethe question: 1.  An unlikely answer.  Other than experimental music, I love 1960's and1970's British Invasion-Influenced pop music.  About 14 years ago, it occurred to me that, in order to be a good noise mucisian, you had to be able to write tuneful songs, provide a beautiful and sturdy framework off of which you could wax loud and ugly.  Toward that end, I began to liten to mid-period Beatles, early Bee Gees, Big Star, The Raspberries and the first Eric Carmen solo album, Badfinger, E.L.O., Emitt Rhodes, and the like.   I work hard to be a good pop songwriter, so I have a beautiful sonic canvas to "mess-up." 2.  To what other music do the rest of you listen?

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