[Jandek] re:something i noticed

Justin chairbesideawindow at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 07:36:04 PDT 2008

nah ive posted about my blue icicles cd before.
If you look real close on the bottom(and I have my cds packed away so I cant dig it out right now I listen to all my tunes on itunes or my ipod currenly) there seemed to be a printing date of when the actual disk was printed on the flipside of the cd. But ya mine is flat blue as well not shinny. I have a few corwood albums that are flat blue and not shinny. Some didn't have barcodes on them as well I believe my "telegraph melts" and "The Beginning" records were that way I believe one even had a barcode sticker placed on the back cover of the jewel case. Telegraph melts was the only records whos album name, song titles etc. were not picked up by itunes for me.


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